2. Luton Town v QPR (10.11.79)

The Big Match Revisited (a few reflections) 
Luton v QPR
Southampton v Forest
Everton v Middlesbrough
November 10th 1979

1. Brian Moore sporting the sort of giant, ghastly, ostentatious poppy (in this case, 'The Bullethole') which would have had my military man father seething.
2. Every generation believes the faces of the generations before them 'looked older'; the perennially 45 year old Bob Hatton (Luton Town) is proof of this.
3. Glenn Roeder RIP.
4. Sex-case Luton manager David Pleat in his younger days - and still spouting nonsense.
5. Forest getting battered by a Southampton side wearing a nice 'Admiral' version of their red and white striped kit. That trampy 'sash' version sported at Goodison last Sunday is a disaster. Forest's yellow and blue Adidas away number is a classic.
6. Token Alan Ball TBMR pic.
7. Laurie McMenemy in shot with Clough and Taylor. My father hated McMenemy with a vengeance - and used quite the most vulgar of similes to describe the former Guardsman's military service (far too vulgar to repeat on here). However, when LM brought the 'Southampton Roadshow' to Liverpool University he charmed the Sport Centre with his good nature and generosity, and Frank wouldn't hear a word against him after that. A pity that Laurie 'It's great, man!'* McMenemy blotted his copybook (?) with his arsehole, uninformed post-Hillsborough comments.
8. I can just make out a blurred version of my youthful self on 'the' Gwladys Street watching Gordon Lee's short-lived but beautiful team falling to bits in front of our eyes, and things made retrospectively worse by the combined efforts of future Kopites Craig Johnson and David Hodgson.
9. Brian Kidd in supine position being an apt visual metaphor for his career at Everton.
10. Billy Wright - a potentially decent footballer being the only young player I can think of who, when told by his manager to lose weight, actually put more on.
Howard Kendall: It's your decision, young Billy: it's either a glittering career as a professional footballer... or chips!
Billy Wright: ...pass the salt will you, Howard?

*anyone else remember 'Barbican'?