Pick of the Pops 18 (1.5.76)

The Stylistics - Can't Help Falling in Love: I really should like this - being quite a fan of chicken in a basket 70s soul, but The Stylistics are just too cheesy. And I'm not a fan of Russell Thomkins' voice. 4/10
Sutherland Brothers and Quiver - Arms of Mary: a lovely MOR song - and spoilt by a 'dirty version' of the lyric made up by one of the fellows when I was at school ("That was one weird f***ing headmaster" etc.) 7/10
Andrea True Connection - More, More, More: - ex-porno star makes brilliant disco record. 10/10
The Four Seasons - Silver Star: no Frankie Valli this time. Odd record. OK. 5/10
Eric Carmen - All By Myself: this week's hideous 'Friends'/'Bridget Jones' soundtrack song. All songs with the phrase 'makin' love' are - without exception - repulsive. ABS (Atomic Bowel Syndrome) is self-indulgent, horrible, and - ironically for a song about 'makin' love' - wank. Oh, and I really hate 'Brief Encounter', as well. 2/10
John Miles - Music: see 'All By Myself'. Hurry up, punk rock - happen! Two points awarded because there's a part of the long instrumental bit that sounds like the theme music from 'Blake's Seven'. 2/10
Isaac Hayes - Disco Connection: just wonderful. He's ace. 8/10
Silver Connection - Get Up and Boogie: as fine a slab of Euro-disco as I'll hear all week. 8/10
10cc - I'm Mandy, Fly Me: utter nonsense (and the 'ring for attention' bell is annoying) , but a lovely vocal from Eric Stewart - and some great harmonising from the ultimate curate's egg band. 7/10
Diana Ross - Do You Know Where You're Going To? It's a bit Barbra Streisand (who I love) this one, but Diana is such a great pop singer she's able to revivify drivel like this. From a completely forgotten film. 6/10
Fox - Single Bed: the great tragedy of Noosha Fox is that she missed out on 'New Wave' by a year or so. Often looked great (especially noticeable in juxtaposition with the utter wools in her band) and made some OK singles. 6/10
The Bay City Rollers - Love Me Like I Love You: there's a brilliant section of Bob Stanley's History of Pop where he argues that one of the Rollers' songs could easily have been on Postcard Records. I listened to Johnny Walker's interview with Les McKeown last week. He was a top man. (Les - not Walker - who's still paid big bucks by the BBC despite being done for pimping and narcotic vending, AND bringing his talent-free, pretend-posh wife on to his programme as 'co-host' ). Anyway, the Rollers: good, typical Rollers pop. 7/10
Hank Mizell - Jungle Rock: music for cretins. 0/10
Abba - Fernando: when they're on form their ace; when they're not on form, they stink the gaff out. This is Abba for people who don't like Abba. Terrible. 2/10
Brotherhood of Man - Save Your Kisses For Me: (creepy) music for cretins. Six weeks at number one! Jesus. 0/10

Programme as a whole: really enjoyable (until the last three). 8/10
Gambaccini: bonus points for not playing Dave 'fucking' Lee Travis's 'Convoy GB'. 8/10
Best Song: Andrea
Worst: Mizell

And remember: it's only pop music...

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