22.  The Scars - All About You (Pre 45, and also from the album Author! Author!, Pre 1981)

Author! Author! was one of my favourite albums of 1981 and All About You one of my favourite singles.

The Scars were a strangely-attired group even for that strangely-attired year, and appeared on their album sleeve in what looked like mediaeval New Romantic garb. The music was something else, though, and with one track excepted (an odd, musical version of Peter Porter's anti-nuclear poem Your Attention, Please), the album could have 'spawned' (as they say) any number of singles.

Yet again, The Scars were a very short lived band, but I wore my colourful Author! Author! primitive art skull button badge with pride on one of the skinny lapels of my 81A (69A) sixties-tailored jacket for many months back in 1981.

A brilliant pop song about yearning, with clear undertones of menace buried not so deeply between its jangling guitars and lovely harmonies.

(SV 4.5.16)