Pick of the Pops 20 (15.5.80)

Don McLean - Crying: a great voice and an OK version of Roy Orbison's beautiful song. As nothing though, compared to Rebekah Del Ray's awesome Spanish version in Davy Lynch's 'Mulholland Drive'. 7/10

Whitesnake - Fool For Your Loving: a riff that must have inspired Spinal Tap's 'Sex Farm'. Terrible, obviously, but I'm in a generous mood this afternoon. 2/10

Kate Bush - Breathing: Some weeks I really love this song, other weeks it just reminds me of some of the more appalling students I encountered before leaving the drama course I was attending at a modern euphemersity at roughly the same time. An extraordinary record, but it only gets one play per year. 7/10

Roxy Music - Over You: a lot of old school Roxy fans hate Roxy Music Part II. I love them. Ace, effortless pop music. 8/10

Average White Band - Let's Go Round Again: a decent Scottish disco/yacht rock crossover record. 6/10

Rodney Franklin - The Groove: a rather pleasant jazz/funk (mostly) piano instrumental. Would have loved to have heard Les Dawson's version. 6/10

The Undertones - My Perfect Cousin: I've been rehearsing all morning for Thursday's show and trying to complete one last poem, but just can't finding anything to rhyme/scan with 'Lord Anthony Parka' (genuinely). And I'll never forget an ex from many many years ago ripping up a photo of me sitting arm in arm with Feargal Sharkey outside the Empire Theatre during the 'Hypnotised' tour (also May 80). Anyway - the Tones at the top of their game. The Human League! Kevin! Maths, physics and BIONICS! Subbuteo! Fooking tremendous! 10/10

Narada Michael Walden - I Should Have Loved You: a splendid disco/funk number. 7/10

Jimmy Ruffin - Hold on To My Love: a pedestrian, but not unpleasant record. Allowances given because it's Jimmy Ruffin. 5/10

Hot Chocolate - No Doubt About It: not a fan of the Chocs, but this is OK - a silly but brooding song about UF0s. 5/10

Michael Jackson - She's Out of My Life: the worst track on the excellent Off the Wall album. Ghastly. 0/10

The Beat - Mirror in the Bathroom: great band, good song. A song about (and explicitly mentions) mental illness. The mix of songs and genres in the chart during this time was extraordinary. I must tell my 'Dave Wakelin' story one day. 7/10

Paul McCartney - Coming Up: a tremendous pop song! I live five minutes from his old house. I WILL go there one day! 8/10

Dexy Midnight Runners - Geno: their absolute masterpiece (of many) - fabulous lyrical poetry, a f***ing brilliant vocal performance from Kev, and what an inspirational tune. What more do you want? 10/10

Johnny Logan - What's Another Year? Just when I was enjoying myself. A turgid, turd-like Euro winner. Not hateful - just shite. 0/10

Programme as a whole: 8/10

Worst song: Jacko

Best song: Dexy's, but I'm going with MPC for the song link.