Pick of the Pops 7 (6.2.76)

The O'Jays - I Love Music: not their finest moment, lyrically ("I love music - any kind of music; I love music - as long as it's groovin'!"), but a decent slice of early disco, nevertheless. 6/10

War - Low Rider: I've successfully blocked the products from my mind, but I can still hear this awful 'advert song' in my head. 2/10

David Ruffin - Walk Away From Love: Jimmy's younger brother. Great voice, nice song. 6/10

Barry White - Let the Music Play: tremendous! 8/10

Glenn Miller - Moonlight Serenade: f***ing hell - when is this 'punk rock' going to happen? One of the more outlandish theories from 'our American cousins' regarding Glenn's disappearance is that a British plane released its bombs over the Channel and accidentally blew up the popular band leader's low-flying plane. Have to admit I really like the idea of a punk RAF. 0/10

The Walker Brothers - No Regrets: I love Scott Walker (and his brothers Roy and 'Annie') and just the very thought of Midge Ure (more later) trying to 'smoulder' to the camera in the video for his cover version is enough to ruin my day. I'm not a huge fan of this song, but the brilliant way Scott sings "we'd only cry... again" is enough to erase the memory of one of the most horrible guitar solos (tautology klaxon!) in music history. 6/10

Paul Davidson - Midnight Rider: another cover (The Allman Brothers). Harmless enough. 5/10

ELO - Evil Woman: more seventies' misogyny from the Home Bargains Beatles. 0/10

The Four Seasons - December '63: one of the songs I didn't expect (see also 'Working My Way Back To You') in the splendid 'Jersey Boys'. An unexpected number one later on in February '76.
And it's rubbish! 2/10

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody - my kryptonite. Sorry everyone, I (still) love this song. Shame on me. And not even one of the unfunniest scenes in film history can spoil it. (Oh, and check out Frank Sidebottom's ace version!) 8/10

R and J Stone - We Do It: husband and wife team Russell and Joanne Stone's prurient classic. If you ever need to be sick in an emergency, just listen to the chorus (the verses are actually quite nice) of this song. 3/10

Donna Summer - Love to Love You Baby: banned by the BBC for many years and now played on the lunchtime programme of the nation's comfy slippers channel. Ace! 8/10

The Miracles - Love Machine: it's a sex-obsessed programme this week! 7/10

Slik - Forever and Ever: Midge Ure reckons (in Dylan Jones' excellent 'Sweet Dreams - The Story of the New Romantics') that Malcolm McLaren offered him the chance to be the Sex Pistols' lead singer; if this is true the world would be a very different place. Anyway, written by the Bay City Rollers' writing team , 'Forever and Ever' is extraordinary - largely through being great and shite at the same time. 5/10

Abba - Mamma Mia: an ace pop song, and you'd have to heart of granite not to replace the final word of

"Yes, I've been broken hearted -
Blue, since the day we started..."

with something more apposite.
And much as I like Abba, anyone who enjoys the popular musical and film bearing this single's name really needs to have a word with themselves.
It's worse than Wayne's World.
And that's saying something. 8/10

Gambaccini: can't fault him this week. 8/10

Programme as a whole: there are none of those horrible Radio 2 adverts/trailers any more. Almost a solid hour of music. 9/10
Worst Song: ELO
Best Song: Barry (The live version I've linked is tremendous!)

And remember: it's only pop music (and films) - so don't get in a nark.

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