Dolly Mixture - Everything and More (Respond 45, 1982)

Dolly Mixture were just a beautiful group. Although they didn't possess the obvious pop glamour of some of their contemporaries  the real beauty of their music and lyrics and Debsey Wykes's plaintive vocals shone through a slew of lovely singles and album tracks.

Far more gifted than other girl trios of the time, it's unfortunate for the world and the members of the band that they just didn't make it.

This song was recorded for Paul Weller's Respond label, but its speeded-up production (and added tubular bells) slightly tarnished a fabulous song. I later saw Debsey singing backing vocals for St Etienne (Bob Stanley is a big fan of DM), and the band famously sung backing vocals for Captain Sensible's 'Happy Talk', but like many bands on this list, their star only really shines in the hearts and minds of their fans.
It's not so terrible a legacy. (SV 2015)

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