Film (85 - 96)

A selection of films ranging from the astonishing to the downright awful, but each containing at least one scene, image, performance, line, face, song, sound or edit which has made my life just that little bit better....

85. Dawn of the Dead (USA 2004)

86. Spare the Rod (GB 1961)

87. Ice Cold in Alex (GB 1958)

88. The Heroes of Telemark (USA/GB 1965)

89. The Yangtse Incident (GB 1957)

90. 71 (GB 2014)

91. The Boys From Brazil (USA 1978)

92. Persepolis (Iran/France 2007)

93. Red Lights ( Spain/USA 2012)

94. The Grey (2011 (USA/GB)

95. High Plains Drifter (USA 1973)

96. Drive (USA 2011)

Policeman: Why are you running?

Marjane as teenager: I'm late for my class!

Policeman: Maybe, but you mustn't run. When you run, your behind moves around in an obscene way.

Marjane as teenager [angry] Then stop staring at my arse!

Persepolis (2007)