Delta 5 - You (Rough Trade 45, 1980)


A double A side with Anticipation. Pop goes gender political. A fine single about the realities of love and dating from the Leeds-based John Peel favourites, You exemplifies the true spirit of punk - DIY sounding and rough at the edges, but a song (and band) looking at female empowerment and questioning the orthodoxy of maleness and the rubbishy aspirational nature of typical pop and rock music.

My favourite line "Who took me to the Wimpy for a big night out? You! You! You!" reminds of my saddo laddish mate who turned up at an arty girl's house for a first date in a 'Starsky' cardie and then proceeded to take the unfortunate young woman to a Wimpy for 'a big night out'.

You reminds me of listening to late night Peel and buying 'indie' singles and Oxfam jackets and feeling superior about my musical choices because most of my contemporaries "just wouldn't understand". Lovely stuff. (SV June 2015)